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Discover the amazing world of captivating solitary waves, dangerous tsunamis, freaky rogue waves, rotating tornados, and picturesque grid waves with ‘Soliton Hunter’, Professor Sergei Eremenko, natural explorer and author.

The book ‘SOLITON NATURE’ is a new-generation easy-to-read book for general public containing 200+ amazing pictures and videos collected around the world.

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About The Author

About The Author

Professor Sergei Eremenko

Dr. Sergei Eremenko, an Australian-Ukrainian scientist, nicknamed ‘Soliton Hunter’, was one of the youngest professors in the world at 31, Ph.D. at 24, Doctor of Engineering at 29, ‘rocket scientist’ and Honorary Professor of the National Aerospace University of Ukraine, author of three books and many papers, director of technology and AIML company Soliton Scientific in Sydney, Australia.

My passion is observing nature and discovering some new laws of the formation of solitary and nonlinear waves in oceans, clouds, and some non-traditional areas like geological mountain ranges or human motions. I prefer to describe the findings in new-generation, easy-to-read, popularization, pictorial interactive books with dozens of images and videos, simple mathematical language, and computer scripts potentially understood by millions of readers.

Welcome to subscribe to the Soliton Scientific video channel for amazing videos of solitary, grid, envelope waves, and the development of interesting scientific hypotheses.

Discovering some new laws of beautiful nature and the new mathematical formulas are the happiest moments of life, and sharing them with people is also rewarding and inspirational.


Book Chapters

Solition Nature Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Here are the synopsis of all the chapters in the Professor Sergei Eremenko’s pictorial book, Soliton Nature:

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Soliton Nature

This new generation, easy-to-read, popularization pictorial interactive book, with 200+ colourful images  and video channel, beautifully and simply explain the amazing world of solitary waves, curious breathers, scary tsunamis, freaky rogue waves, rotating tornados, picturesque grid waves and novel ideas of wavy formations of mountain ranges, heart blood pressure pulses and nonlinear impulses in financial markets.


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Professor Sergei Eremenko’s Book

Soliton Nature

This video features many beautiful pictures and videos provided in Solton Nature book by Professor Sergei Eremenko, also explaining the amazing world of soliton and nonlinear waves around us.


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