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Dedicated to a broad audience and scientists, this new-generation, easy-to-read, pictorial, the interactive book uses beautiful photography, video channel, and computer scripts in R and Python to demonstrate existing and explore new solitons – the magnificent and versatile energy concentration phenomenon of nature.

With 200 images and videos collected around the world and on magnificent Australian beaches, we describe captivating stand-alone ocean solitons capable of traveling hundreds of miles uninterrupted. Along with scary tsunamis, the tricky solitonic bores propagating upstream narrow river channels may cause disasters for coastal cities. Sudden killer rogue waves endanger even large ships. Powerful tornadoes, surfing tubs, whirlpools, and rotating galaxies are solitonic vortices.

Unique videos of breathers and soliton envelope waves, with the legendary ‘Ninth Wave’ in the middle, are commented on by some legendary scientists. Beautiful photography of square grid waves confirms the tendency of nature to produce multi-dimensional formations.

Solitonic dislocations and defects are widespread in metal shapes around us. Solitonic energy localization effects appear in swing movements of humans perfecting them in many sports and dances.

We also explore new solitonic hypotheses and theories. Geosolitons may have played an important role in the formation of mountain ranges and sedimental rocks. Using solitonic functions for heart blood pressure pulses may lead to new-generation devices. Solitonic dislocation and stability effects may exist in the behavior of correlated financial markets.

The new class of atomic solitons can be used to describe Higgs boson (‘the god particle’) fields, spacetime quanta, and other fundamental building blocks of nature.

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Book Chapters

Solition Nature Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Here are the synopsis of all the chapters in the Professor Sergei Eremenko’s pictorial book, Soliton Nature:

Why Read it?

Why Read it?

Soliton Nature

This new generation, easy-to-read, popularization pictorial interactive book, with 200+ colourful images  and video channel, beautifully and simply explain the amazing world of solitary waves, curious breathers, scary tsunamis, freaky rogue waves, rotating tornados, picturesque grid waves and novel ideas of wavy formations of mountain ranges, heart blood pressure pulses and nonlinear impulses in financial markets.


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